The Faculty Information Handbook is an excellent one-stop source for university policies.

The following policies may be of particular interest to teaching, research, and practice faculty.

Danforth Campus teaching track faculty ranks and policy

Parental leave for full-time Danforth faculty

Professional development reimbursement fund for non-tenure-track faculty

Policy on faculty consulting privileges

Phased retirement policy

Arts & Sciences policy on full-time teaching track faculty (includes promotion procedures)

Arts & Sciences guidelines for performance evaluation

McKelvey School of Engineering policy on full-time teaching track faculty

McKelvey School of Engineering General Handbooks and Policies

Offices of the Ombuds

You may wish to consult the sources below, as well.


Academic integrity, probation and suspension, attendance, transfer credit, student conduct, other academic regulations. Especially helpful are the entries within “About Washington University” and each school’s listing.

Compliance and Policies

Research, computing, intellectual property, patient care, governance, etc.

Human Resources policies

Code of conduct, employee handbooks, leaves of absence, drug and alcohol policy, ADA accommodations, university closings and severe weather, consensual relationships, equal opportunity/affirmative action, discrimination and harassment, etc.

Registrar policies

Student records and academic integrity, demonstrations and disruptions, University Sexual Assault Investigative Board, some overlap with other policy lists.

Office of the Provost

Centers and institutes, appointments at other educational institutions, joint appointments, family-friendly scheduling, more. Also has information about teaching grants as well as a variety of reports on topics such as gender pay equity, faculty work life, and diversity.

Federal and state regulatory policies