Insurance benefits for faculty and their dependents

Unless noted, the enrollment period is within 31 days of date of hire, during annual open enrollment in November, and/or within 31 days (62 days for birth of baby) after a qualified family status change or life event.

  1. Health insurance, including WUDirect, a program that provides priority access for initial appointments with Washington University Physicians, as well as lower out-of-pocket costs.
  2. Vision insurance (with available buy-up plan)
  3. Dental insurance
  4. Prescription drugs
  5. Life insurance
    1. Free term life insurance of 100% of employee’s annual base salary (after six months of continuous service)
    2. Supplemental term life available of up to 4 times employee’s annual base salary
    3. Dependent term life insurance for spouse, domestic partner, and children birth to age 25
    4. Group VUL of one to seven times employee’s annual base salary
  6. Supplemental Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance
  7. Assistance with preparing a will and powers of attorney, other additional services through MetLife
  8. Long-term care insurance (Statement of Health and insurance carrier approval required)
  9. Long-term disability insurance (with buy-up option available after one full year of employment)
  10. Tax savings accounts (must re-enroll every year)
    1. Flexible spending accounts, to pay health premiums and out-of-pocket health and child care expenses with pre-tax dollars.
    2. Health savings accounts, for employees enrolled in a qualified WashU high-deductible health plan (includes a University contribution if you contribute the required minimum annual amount).
    3. Retirement medical savings, to be used tax-free for health care expenses for employees and their dependents after the employee retires.