Events / Workshop: “Beyond Grading”

Workshop: “Beyond Grading”

December 3, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

The Center for Teaching and Learning will present a workshop, “Beyond grading: Alternative approaches to assessing student learning.”

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore Mastery Grading as an alternative way to assess student learning. Variations on this approach are called specification grading, un-grading, and competency-based or proficiency-based grading. Mastery grading is based on the idea that a student must meet or exceed specified standards before they can move on to more challenging material.  Widely used in K-12 education, the approach is gaining advocates in many higher education disciplines including, math, languages, and performance-based disciplines.  Participants will be introduced to the concept of mastery grading and then will have an opportunity to think about how this can be applied to their own classes.

Registration is required.